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To provide children with nurturing care and rich learning experiences that foster the idea that they are not only valued members of the community, but capable, powerful, respected, and full of potential.



To inspire every child into becoming a lifelong learner and problem solver, supporting their confidence, creativity, and individual growth.


To pay equal respect to children as adults
Children deserve to feel respected for what they have to offer and desire to receive from the world.


To teach diversity and acceptance
Everyone deserves to be accepted and treated equally. Each person is unlike any other and that should be embraced, not discouraged.


To encourage family involvement
YOU are your child’s advocate and their first teacher.


To teach, not discourage little minds
It is important to give your child the opportunity to right their wrongs and reflect on mistakes made as
a necessary learning experience for their personal development.


To remind every child that they are valued
Inside and out, you are you and every child is unique.


To provide a healthy and positive environment
From birth, everything and everyone around a child serves as a learning experience of some kind—
from the food we eat to the way we interact and the environment we live in.

To be appreciative and giving
There are many things to be thankful for and always opportunities to lend a hand.


To be free to express and free from criticism
Happy, sad, mad, or scared, children being able to freely express their feelings is their natural right.
It’s important to not criticize children for their emotions.


To teach honesty and forgiveness
It’s better to be honest and hurt someone than to be dishonest and spare someone. Honesty is the best policy.


To teach responsibility and accountability
Take responsibility for your actions and learn from your experiences.
Hold children just as accountable as you hold yourself. This is how they learn.